Tuesday, April 08, 2008

FOX Update

So it's been almost a month, but I finally had my "meeting" with FOX. It amounted to an hour conversation on the phone with one of their young producer/executives.

For the most part, it went as I'd expected it would go, and it was for the most part pretty anticlimactic. It was helpful in that the guy clearly reviewed everything in both my reel and writing sample and was genuinely (or seemed genuinely) impressed with my efforts thus far. His favorite piece seemed to be my music video, Galaxy Girl.

His end comment essentially was that he felt my skills were pretty solid and that he'd have no problem introducing me to someone that could help me through another door, such as an agent, but I really didn't take much stock in that. It took so long just to get the guy on the phone that I doubt seriously that he'll remember any commitment that he may have made. That's not really a jab at this guy - I'm just sure that he has much bigger fish to fry than giving a leg up to some guy that hasn't really made it yet. It's not a pessimistic outlook on the situation either; it's the stark reality of it.

I am quite a long way from giving up. I came to the realization long ago that perseverance is everything in this game, but in truth, I wasn't expecting a lot from this meeting. I was hoping for, at a bare minimum, some validation of my skills as a filmmaker, so that's what I pressed him for. I feel that I managed to get that, but I don't think there's a great deal more that will come from this relationship, despite what was promised on the phone. It's not up to guys like this exec as to whether or not I make it anyway - that is up to me entirely.