Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Almost a year since my last post...

...And very little has changed with regard to the development of my feature film (now called "In The Light of Day" or simply "LOD").

Still, it's been a bit of busy year for me and my film making activities...

Late last year I teamed up with Boston area filmmaker Kevin Anderton and his Midnightchimes troupe to produce a few projects. Kevin's a fun, creative guy to work with and I think we did some fun (and funny stuff).

I started work on a new documentary called "The Silver Eagle Story". I cut a short form intro version of what I've shot thus far and posted it on a web site called "" where it was featured in the "Movies and TV" section.

I also directed my first music video, "Galaxy Girl" which took second place in the music video competition for April, 2007.

From Crackle: Galaxy Girl

The other thing of note was that I was interviewed by on their "Sunday Brunch" feature which was fun. Its always nice to get a little recognition for your efforts.

I've also been doing a ton of editing for various projects. It's sort of interesting that I'm doing as much editing as I am. I never really thought I'd get into it like I have, but as I tell everyone, in the world of indie film making, you have to learn to do it all or sometimes nothing gets done. :)

I've not been doing nearly as much writing (or directing for that matter) as I'd like in the past few months, but I plan on getting back to it ASAP. The easiest thing in the world is to not write and when you don't, you skills get dull. I plan to start to work on my chops a bit more through both blogging and getting back to screenwriting. I've a lot of ideas that I want to work into LOD, and a idea or two for a short film (and another feature) so I want to get back to it soon.

I think that before James and I embark on LOD, we need a tune up film or two so that we can get back into the groove, and shorts are a great way to "tune up". I've got a couple that I'll be trying to get done over the next couple of weeks or so. We'll see how successful I manage to be in that endeavor.

More to come...