Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wow - long time no post...

So I've been pre-occupied with my TV show concept that I shot back in December. Interest has been really amazing. So far, two pretty major production companies have both said that they really thought the trailer was well done and that the concept should sell. The one that I've been working with the most, (the larger of the two) has been providing notes back to me on a daily basis to tweak the trailer for upcoming pitch sessions that they have with Discovery, A&E and Bravo. Still, I'm not letting myself get too excited about it until there's talk of a deal.

I'm still working on Heist, and I'm still very intent on moving forward with it. Since getting the coverage report back, James and I have come up with some really good changes that I think make it considerably better. I'm almost done with the new draft. Once that's complete, I'll be sending it out for a final coverage report.

I'm also helping my son Travis's 8th grade honors social studies class produce a short, documentary style film that covers 1800 -1860. To get the project started, I went out with Travis to shoot some footage for the film. The idea is that each of the kids in the class will have to produce a segment of the film by doing the research, selecting the images and either being interviewed as an expert on the topic, or providing text for a narrator to say over their images. I wanted to have our own collection of stock stuff to cut to, so I went to Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH and the Lowell textile mills in Lowell Mass. The footage looked great, and I'm hoping to get more.

So between all my side projects, it's been tough finding the time to complete Heist. At the same time, I don't want to rush it and neither does James.

Here's a link to the intro that I cut together for the short film. This is my voice on here. The finished version will have one of the faculty members from the Trav's middle school doing all the voice overs and narrations.